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Description :

Located on the Venice Beach Boardwalk on the side of the Venice Beach Suites, this wallscape has an incredibly long and un-obstructed read to the massive crowds on the Venice Boardwalk. Located on the Westside of Los Angeles between Santa Monica and Marina Del Rey, the Venice Beach Boardwalk is world famous and is a must see destination for tourists and locals. Up to 175,000 people per day flock to the Venice Beach Boardwalk which is known as a virtual carnival, home to street performers, sidewalk vendors, shops, restaurants and bars. In addition to the read to the Venice Beach Boardwalk, this wallscape also reads to the bike/jogging path and to the beach itself. For almost 20 years, the Pacifico beer brand has used this wallscape to maintain a permanent advertising fixture in this key area of the Los Angeles market.

Over the last several years, Venice Beach has experienced an influx of high-tech companies and is now also known as Silicon Beach. The high-tech workers offer advertisers the opportunity to reach a very high income demographic that works hard and plays hard.

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    Size 15’*27′
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